Success with Dyslexia


Services Offered:

Dyslexia Consulting ~ A formal meeting summarizing my conclusions after fully reviewing all of the student’s school records, personal history and any prior testing reports, as well as several current schoolwork samples. After any other questions we have, I will assert with ample certainty whether this student fits the description of someone with dyslexia, and why I have come to this conclusion. Should I believe dyslexia is not the core issue, I will recommend the student be seen by an appropriate clinician in order that the best help for him/her is found. There is no written report given for this service, however it may be taped.

Dyslexia Screening ~ Along with all of the consulting services, the student is given a battery of assessments focused on auditory processing, memory capabilities, reading accuracy and fluency, and writing skills. Those screening results along with all school records, personal history and several school samples are presented in a written report. It details everything I found regarding dyslexia as well as what is the best plan of action for school accommodations, specialized tutoring and any other essential supportive assistance for the student. Again, if dyslexia is not found, I advise the student see the most appropriate clinician who can provide the most fitting guidance for this student.



Additional Information

Home visits No

Educational Tutor

Professional Specialty Consultant

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