Car guys are not all the same. Most of my contemporaries, who grew up mostly  in the 60s and 70s are muscle car guys. MoPars and Mustangs and all kinds of big engined GM machines.


I like those too. But I've always been a sports car fan. Small, funky cars, usually rag topped and mostly built across an ocean somewhere. I get alot of flack about it, but I do come by the affliction honestly.


My dad had an MGA. There's an old Christmas Card picture of me, sitting on the hood of it holding a "Merry Christmas" message up. I look like I was five or six. I don't remember much of five or six. But I remember that car.


My parents used to take rides in it, top down, with me sitting on the center console. Have you ever seen the center console on an MGA? I have bigger shoes. If a parent did that today ....Good thing the statute of limitations has long since passed. 


Every year, I try to get to the British Car Club Show at Fort Meigs. I usually go alone, and just look. It's a good day for me. This year, I took some pictures and I made a slideshow for the MyMetroToledo blog.





The song - MGB-GT - is by Richard Thompson and a perfect fit. 


I love those cars. Jags, Triumphs, Healeys. MGs. My dad had a small shop, on Sylvania Avenue where he and a friend - the friend owned an MG TD, British Racing Green - worked on cars part time. I named the company that publishes this site after their shop.