I think that my favorite place in My Metro Toledo is the Toledo Zoo. I have been going there longer than I can remember. It never gets old for me.


Nana was my maternal grandmother. She was a Zoo member for all of my life with her. My cousins and I were the beneficiaries of that membership. We went to the Zoo alot.


I have a couple of books about the history of the Toledo Zoo. When I revisit them, I am reminded of a tackiness that old zoos had. The accommodations for wild animals were crude. Probably cruel. But I don't believe purposely so.


I love the old buildings built during the great depression by the Works Progress Administration of FDR's New Deal. Those buildings are the character of the Toledo Zoo.


But the new stuff is great too. The Arctic Adventure, African Savanna and Hippoquarium are world class. The Toledo Zoo's Lights Before Christmas are still new to me, though 2010 was the 25th years for the Metro Toledo holiday event.


We have a terrific Christmas lights photo album at the My Metro Toledo Flickr page and a slide show video - with Vince Giraldi accompaniment - at the My Metro Toledo Youtube channel. I hope you enjoy.


Happy holidays!


Phot credit: BethAnne Heisler - MyMetroToledo.net