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Yeah it's British Freakin' Racing Green What of it?

Car guys are not all the same. Most of my contemporaries, who grew up mostly  in the 60s and 70s are muscle car guys. MoPars and Mustangs and all kinds of big engined GM machines.


I like those too. But I've always been a sports car fan. Small, funky cars, usually rag topped and mostly built across an ocean somewhere. I get alot of flack about it, but I do come by the affliction honestly.


My dad had an MGA. There's an old Christmas Card picture of me, sitting on the hood of it holding a "Merry Christmas" message up. I look like I was five or six. I don't remember much of five or six. But I remember that car.


My parents used to take rides in it, top down, with me sitting on the center console. Have you ever seen the center console on an MGA? I have bigger shoes. If a parent did that today ....Good thing the statute of limitations has long since passed. 


Every year, I try to get to the British Car Club Show at Fort Meigs. I usually go alone, and just look. It's a good day for me. This year, I took some pictures and I made a slideshow for the MyMetroToledo blog.





The song - MGB-GT - is by Richard Thompson and a perfect fit. 


I love those cars. Jags, Triumphs, Healeys. MGs. My dad had a small shop, on Sylvania Avenue where he and a friend - the friend owned an MG TD, British Racing Green - worked on cars part time. I named the company that publishes this site after their shop. 

Danica, Dutton and Devils Lake

Those of you who know me probably know that I spend alot - maybe too much - time writing and talking about NASCAR racing. I am one of the co-hosts of the weekly, syndicated NASCAR radio show called On Pit Row and I'm editor of OnPitRow.com. I am very proud of both and feel lucky to be involved.


Next weekend (August 13-15, 2010) NASCAR's top 2 racing series come to our Metro Toledo neighborhood and Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn Michigan. The big story of the weekend is that Danica Patrick (pictured) will drive in a NASCAR Nationwide Series race this Saturday for the first time at MIS. Danica's a big deal. If you're a NASCAR fan, you already knew that. If you are not a fan, you probably couldn't care less.


But here's a couple things that you may not know. The On Pit Row radio show is broadcast live from the Original Gino's Pizza and Grill on Alexis Rd. The owners of Metro Toledo's Original Gino's Pizza restaurants have opened a destination place in the Devils Lake area. It's called Captain Chuck's Sandbar and Grill. Click here for a map. That's part one.


Part two has to do with NASCAR and On Pit Row and a guy named Monte Dutton. Monte Dutton is a NASCAR legend. He doesn't drive race cars but he writes about them. Really well. He writes so well about them that he is sought out by legions of readers, and by NASCAR talk show hosts who find him to be smart and entertaining. He is both for sure.


Monte Dutton also sings and plays the guitar. His musical gigs happen mostly in the vicinity of NASCAR races and they have become pretty legendary too. I don't think he's ever played in the Metro Toledo vicinity. Yet.


I am geeked about this. Through On Pit Row, we were able to hook Monte up with Captain Chuck's Sandbar and Grill. Next Friday and Saturday (August 13-14) Monte Dutton will perform at Captain Chuck's. It's a very short drive from Michigan Speedway. Who knows who might show up. I know I will though.


Photo credit: Glenn Bure - OnPitRow.com

This is Why They Named the Hockey Team the Walleye

The Toledo Walleye hockey team clinched a ECHL Kelly Cup playoff berth this week. Nice work by coach Nick Vitucci and the Walleye in season one. Congratulations. May your playoff run be long.
Last Sunday I went down to the Mighty Maumee River at sunrise to sample the other Walleye Run. The one that involves the namesake of Vitucci's boys. Here's some video I shot of one of Metro Toledo's most famous annual happenings.

The river Walleye's show up for their spawning run every spring. The hockey 'Eyes are one for one.

You can view the video of the start of the 2010 Maumee River Walleye Run in a larger player on My Metro Toledo's Youtube channel. Click here to check it out.