What Dyslexia Looks Like

Exceptional Strengths:   ◊ Creative, global thinkers   ◊ Logistics

                        ◊ Visualize in 3-D pictures   ◊ Scientific discovery 

                        ◊ Quite Athletic performance   ◊ Exceptionally                             Artistic   ◊ Thinking ‘Outside the box’ 

What Others Hear When Someone With Dyslexia Speaks:

              ◊ Articulation of letters’ sounds   ◊ Mixing up the sound

How To Help Them:  ◊ Envelop them with positivity   ◊ Stop telling 

               them to try harder  ◊ Build up their self-esteem

               ◊ Keep students’ weaknesses confidential   ◊ Don’t set                them up for teasing, bullying or humiliation   ◊ Just skip                over them for out-loud reading  in the classroom  

               ◊ Let them use resources for skills that are difficult for                them:    • Multiplication tables  • Calculators  • Audio texts

               ◊ For spelling bees, etc:  give students an option to work

               on something else at their desk

               ◊ Be patient – give them extra time to process & think of

               their response

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16 Mar 2018

By Michelle Bradley