How to Set Up Classified Ads

Posting a free classified ad at is simple. Follow along and I'll show you just how easy it is.


We'll assume that you are new to the site. First go to Once you get to the home page, click on the Classifieds button on the menu bar just under the My Metro Toledo logo.


Once the Classifieds page comes up, click on the button that says Add your Classified.


Here you can choose the level of Classified ad that you wish to use. We'll pick the Free one and click the Order Now! button.


As you see the radio button for the Basic Classified says Free is selected so we're good there. You are a new user, so make sure the New User button is checked too.


Now fill in a user name and password. Then read the terms of use and if you agree to them check the box. You won't be able to go further if you don't agree to the terms.


Next is the Title box. The Title is what will show up as the headline of your listing. Effective headline writing is an art. For now, Keep your title short but descriptive. My ad title is - My car gets 51 MPG! 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid.


We will ignore the promotional code box for this listing Next select a Language. The site is available for English or Spanish.


Fill in your personal information. Your name and a valid email address are required. The other fields are optional. Click the Continue button.


Now enter your contact phone and email address. Be sure these are correct. These will be displayed in your Classified ad. Enter your price and your address info.


The next step is important if you want people to find your ad. First select United Staes in the Country dropdown. The State dropdown will pop up next. Select your State and then your city in the City dropdown. If the city that you live in doesn't appear, pick one that is closest to your location.


Even the free classifieds include pictures. You'll need to have a picture on your computer to upload. The ideal size is 300px by 250px. But the software will allow you to crop larger photos. Browse for your photo on your computer. Select a pic and click OK. Then drag the handles on the box until you get the photo centered the way you want.  And click the Submit button.


Next you'll enter a description of your classified item. The Free classified gives you a description length of 250 characters. Like headlines, ad copywriting is both an art and a science. But if you aren't a professional copywriter, just do the best you can. Here's a tip. Mention the key one or two benefits that will attract your buyers's attention in the first 10 words of the ad. Another tip: Write the ad as if you were writing to the perfect customer for your product or service.


Next, with the Free Classified, you get to input 10 keywords. Keywords are how your ad will be found when someone searches for it. Think what words or phrases you would use to describe your classified item. Ask your friends or family members how they would search for your listing. But make sure that you use all 10 - one keyword or phrase per line.


Finally pick your Classified Category. The categories with plus signs next to them have sub-categories. Choose the categories that fit your ad the best.


Now click the Submit button and you're done. Your ad must be approved, but that will happen within 48 hours if you followed the rules. Good luck selling!


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14 May 2010

By Charlie Turner